Knowledge Discovery Associates

In the data is the knowledge. In the knowledge is the power.

We use knowledge-based techniques to find provable new value in our clients' data. Rather than replace current database technology, we extend its typical query-and-response approach to one which incorporates knowledge of the enterprise, its purposes, processes, and problems, opening the door to the discovery of valuable new business knowledge in existing data.

Formerly Knowledge Discovery Associates was a consulting practice based in the Boston area, serving clients nationwide, an affiliation of world-class data analysts and expert system implementers, experienced in applying knowledge discovery, data mining, and intelligent data analysis to business data in a variety of settings. We have distilled that experience into a sole-proprietorship taking limited engagements in and near Boston.

Amid a flood of data, there is a thirst for knowledge.

Existing knowledge is the catalyst for finding new knowledge.

Finding new value in data is a process.

The extra dimension in knowledge discovery goes from what to how.

We wrote the book on Knowledge Discovery in Databases.


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Keywords: knowledge discovery, intelligent data analysis, data mining, knowledge-guided discovery, business modeling